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Used Auto Parts

Meero Auto Recyclers has a huge inventory of used auto parts available and they are continuously renewed and updated. We manage our yard by a high quality management system. That system in interaction with our experienced and qualified team we keep our inventory organized and very easy to find parts.
You can find every part you need from used engine, automatic transmission, doors, taillight, headlamp, bumpers, rocker panels, hood,steering wheel, wheels, tire, door & window glass or any other body and mechanical parts .for domestic and imported cars
Visit us at our location in "20424 St. Andrews Rd, Caledon" or give us a quick call & we can let you know instantly about all the details you need about the part like availability, price & delivery options. Whether you are an auto body shop, a mechanic or the owner of the vehicle we assure you that you will get the best price with the highest quality!

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