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Meero Auto Recyclers have been dedicated to provide the best service to all our customers for all their automotive needs since the opening of our first location in 2005. We, at Meero Auto Recyclers set goals to not only provide the best service but to also make auto parts available and convenient everytime to all our customers.
Our first expansion was In 2010 when we took the business to the next level in relocating and expanding in a much bigger location, providing our customers with much more than just mechanical repair. We had then taken the opportunity in living up to the say “One-Stop-Shop’’! Thats when we started providing not only mechanical services, but also body repairs, part sales, and even car sales.
We continued working hard. Our staff and head of staff brought the best to the business and we always strived to expand once again. 6 years after relocating from the original location at 9 Milvan dr to 81 Milvan dr, it was time to yet again, take another step forward. After the success of used automotive part sales at 81 Milvan dr location of Meero automotive, we decided to take used part sales to another level in opening an automotive recyclers yard; Meero Auto Recyclers. Like our previous expansions, our sights are once again set for the future. In the time being, we will serve you with pleasure in hopes of making our customers, happy customers..

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